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High Speed & Precision Die Cutting Equipment MQG200

MQG200-5T / MQG200-ZQ

Rotation and Movement of Die

It is used for the rotation and transverse movement of die, which makes it convenient for products with punching position requirements.

Roller uplifting for material chargingused for production with secondary or more times automatic punching to make it more convenient and efficient with max speed: 300 times / min.

Hardware Die

It’s an effective way to ensure precise automatic punching, efficient die changing and no adjustment need for half cutting. It’s very popular for its standardization and interconverting.

Hardware Die Discharger 

It is necessary a condition for the usage of hardware dies: for discharging material can’t be discharged from normal discharging channel after full cutting.

Normal Discharging Components

Discharging and punching work in parallel. Two sets of synchronous charging roller will ensure the proper tension for smooth discharging.

Function and Characteristics

· Professional equipment for die cutting industry with the characteristics like precise, reliable, durable and safe.

· Realizing secondary or more times automatic punching and the accuracy reaches ±0.03mm.

 · Avoiding adjustment for half cutting;

· Highest punching speed reaching 300spm (MQG200) and 200spm (MQG420);

· Hardware die and its installation standardized, which make installation and adjustment efficient;

 · High efficiency and quality equipment for products like black-white film.

· The production capacity of up to 10000 sheets/h;

Technical Parameter of High-speed and Precision Die Cutting Equipment


MQG200-5T  /  MQG200-ZQ

Blank force


Cutting stroke


Cutting speed


Die height


Adjust the depth of the volume


Fine-tuning mode

Adjust the depth of the volume automatically

Stamping method

Moving inch/single stamp/continuous/project

Tool size

Width 200 X Length 180 (mm)

Die type

Wood plastic die, etch die, hardware die

Die effective size


Material width


Power Motor

Three-phase asynchronous moto / Customized Servo Motor

Feeding accuracy

≤0.2% (Steps greater than or equal to 50 mm)

Feeding roller


Feeding driver

Servo motor


Automatic lubrication system


With three sides of infrared screen

Power supply

Three-phase 380V  10A / Three-phase 380V  20A

Weight of machine


Air supply


Size of machine

Length: 1200× Width: 910× Height: 1250mm

Optional components: MQG200-5T  /  MQG200-ZQ

Upper waste material collection components


Lower waste material collection components


Components for die rotation and movement


Full cutting charging components (movable) PET


Device for die cutting by tracking specific marks


Absorbed devices for anti-scratch